Thank yous,The Big Chill, Wovember, and more (a bit of a round-up)

by upton in

Firstly;  This site "went live" last week, and people amazing about forwarding it along to friends and family and facebook pages, and have just been generally amazing and supportive about the whole endeavor.  I have been remiss in thanking everyone for that, for which I apologize.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. Secondly, exciting news:  My yarn and I will be heading down to Portland Maine on December 3 to take part in The Big Chill craft fair at the Mayo Street Arts Center!  I am incredibly excited about this, both for the opportunity to sell my yarn, and to get a chance meet the other vendors, all of whom seem amazing.   I am also incredibly honored that Upton Yarns was featured on the Big Chill blog yesterday in a really lovely article.  The whole thing is just charming.  So, if anyone reading this happens to be in Portland Maine on December 3, please come by and have a look.

Thirdly, the ever awesome Kate Davies apparently shares one of my pet peeves, the problem of clothing companies marketing items as "wool" when in fact they contain very little to none, and has written about it far more eloquently then I ever could here.  Even better, she has created a web site devoted to encouraging a more honest use of the term "wool", including a petition and a wall of shame for those of us who need to vent our frustration at the egregious mis-use of terminology.  And, as a follow up to the debate about whether "wool" can also be used to refer to the fiber from alpaca and such, she did a bit of research on the history of the term "wool" and wrote a fascinating, here.

Fourthly: My first pattern is in the works.  I am hoping to have a couple of knitting patterns for the Big Chill.  Having a dead line is just the kick I need to actually sit down and write out the patterns.  I have found that designing and knitting is the fun part, and that actually writing the thing down is something on par with web site design in terms of my interests.  But, I do really love this hat, and the pattern for it really will be available by December third.

- Sarah