Selma Moss-Ward wrote a really love article about Upton Yarns, published in Interweave Knits Spring 2015, excerpted here. Selma also keeps a fantastic blog about the New England knitting world. 


Winter Sanquhar Gloves Antartica.jpg

Knitting Traditions Magazine Spring 2014 has a wonderful feature on Saquhar gloves, including Beth Brown Reinsel's Winter Sanquhar glove pattern knit with my Cotswold x Romney fingering weight yarn. (Photo above is the pair I knit, photographed by my crewmate Gina Picton while we were at the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula)  That pattern is now available through Beth's website, along with her wonderful DVD on the subject.  As of this writing (February 2018) I am out of that particular yarn myself, but Beth has a very limited number of kits available.