And I Believe I've "Gone Live"

by upton in

There is a wonderful E.B. White essay (actually, most of E. B. White's essays are wonderful - and if you have not read them I suggest that you remedy this post haste) about his farm in Brooklin Maine, and about his many chickens, upon which he doted, producing so many eggs that he had no choice but to sell them wholesale to the local general store, and the resulting embarrassment he felt each time he brought more eggs to the store which the owner in turn was then forced to pay for a sell on to the public.  I often feel this way about the things that I make.  I like making stuff, but then, once the fun part is over, I have stuff. I like finding gorgeous fleeces, sending them out to be spun up, and dyeing them; I love the magic and anticipation of it all, but then I have yarn and I can only knit so much, and my weaving room only has so much storage and anyway the whole point of this exercise was to make yarn and sell it.  It's the "and sell it" part that I've never been good at.  But I love making yarn, and I love making yarn that I want to buy, and so with some trepidation and embarrassment, I am setting this site lose in the hopes that you will buy yarn, thus enabling me (with the worst connotations of that word) to make more. So here it is.  Please check back often. In addition to what is already here, I have patterns to post, and more colors of yarns, and dyed wool for felting, all of which will be making their way onto the site shortly.