In Which Winter Came and Went and Many Things Happened

by upton in

Or: I didn't get around to blogging this winter, and now I must sum up because spring is here and shearing is around the corner (possibly even this Friday!) and like the Icelandic Sagas, I feel that blogs should be kept in relatively chronological order.



Yarnish things happened:  I began another gansey (this one for myself) to be blogged about more fully in the future, and I knit these whimsically awesome mittens for my sister-in-law (and business buddy - for those of you trying to navigate the world of baby equipment who may be looking for gear that one can actually live with, check how her blog at



I also did something I have been meaning to do for well over a year now and joined Maine Fiberarts, a group which promotes fiberarts in their many, many forms.  Not incidentally, it was at their Fiber Friday last year that I first told someone other than my husband about my hopes to start a yarn business focusing on local, small flock, single breed fibers, and the encouragement I received from that group of knitters made me think that maybe I could actually do this.  As one might expect from such a group, they take Fiberarts seriously, and though it pains me to admit it as a good feminist well versed in the many ways that traditional women's skills are undervalued, the idea that someone might take needlepoint or knitting seriously enough to put on gallery shows devoted to either craft was completely unexpected.   I am incredibly grateful for their existence.