Locally Sourced, Locally Made Clothing in Western Mass! Or: CLothing I am saving my pennies for

by Sarah Lake Upton

Nur Tiven, of Nurture Clothing Co is accepting pre orders for their locally sourced, locally made wool/alpaca clothing. From their website:

“At Nurture Clothing Co., we design and make custom and bespoke bioregional wool clothing and accessories in Western Massachusetts. We source all our wool from the Northeastern US, make our own custom yarns, and have them woven into bespoke wool fabric. We design, cut, and sew all our pieces in-house, one at a time, and all our designs are gender neutral and can be worn by anyone.

When I say “we “ I mean me, Nur Tiven, and my 12 year old calico cat, Bala.”

I’m officially saving up for the wool work shirt, but I’m also eyeing the overalls. And the vest.