Wordpress 57, Sarah 2

by upton in

Apologies for the ever changing mess that is currently my website.  In celebration of the attendance of my first craft fair, and my ads currently running on Ravelry, I thought that it might be time to take my website through a second draft.  I am finding that all the little things that I skipped doing on the first run-through, I skipped for a reason, i.e. that I couldn't figure out how to do them then, and after a month I still don't know how to do them.  This is Nell.

After the fifty-seventh iteration of me trying and failing to make thumbnails on one page link to products on another, she bumped me in the leg very firmly with her nose.  This translates roughly as, "Baboon, it is time to take me for a walk", when she is feeling polite, or more often  in the imperative, "Baboon! Walk!".  And as usual she was right.  Nell is of a herding breed, and absent sheep she has become quite adept at ordering my life.

So Nell and I took our usual evening walk, and then, still unable to face the computer, I stacked the half cord of wood that has been sitting, unstacked, in the middle of the walkway for the last month, and now we have what looks like a little wood fort in front of the driveway. This makes me happy, though not as happy as I would be if those thumbnails would link to products on another page.