The Big Chill

by upton in

The Big Chill was lovely!  The Mayo Street Art Center  is a lovey venue, Audrey did a fantastic job organizing it all, and the other vendors could not have been nicer. On the downside, while well attended, most of the attendees were not knitters.  Such is life.  I had more interest in my knit samples then in my yarn. "No, those mittlets are not for sale, but the pattern is free with yarn purchase, and then you can make your own, and how much cooler is that?" The fun part is the knitting, people!  (No, I did not actually say that, though I really wanted to.)

Still, it was wonderful to bring my yarn out into the world, and to see it all displayed together.  I've been dyeing it in batches, and storing it in batches, and photographing it in batches, so I haven't really ever looked at in all together at one time.  The effect is pretty cool.


I also could not be more grateful for the help of my friends and family in this whole endeavor.  My awesome friend Shelly painted the above sign, by hand, because, as mentioned, she is awesome, and very good at stuff like that.  My sister baked me cookies, and kept me company, and watched the booth so I could go check out the other vendors.  And Sam put together a thousand yarns tags, and helped me set up and break down the booth, and rented a table for me, and patiently put up with a thousand moments of "does it look better this way? or this way? or, wait, what if we try this?" until a saner man would have broken and told me that he really didn't care that much about yarn, because no sane person does.

Patterns will be posted later this week.