This is the super secret hidden page where you can download the pattern for the Engineer's Armwarmer Kit.  

To download the pattern on Ravelry click on "buy now" below and use the code "ALASKA" when prompted - you should not be charged. (The pattern is exclusively for buyers of the kit, but the system made me give it a price). 


Or you can use the link below.  The system for downloading digital files is clunky and annoying, but please bear with with me.  When you click the "download" button below you will be adding the download to your shopping cart.  To redeem the download, click on your shopping cart, which will then prompt you for your credit card info and etc.  As long as the only item in your shopping cart is this pattern download (priced at $0.00) you may then ignore the prompts for your credit card info and instead just click on the "submit" button. The form will make you enter your mailing address again - though you are welcome to make one up to make for the sake of keeping the form happy.   I apologize for the awkwardness of all of this. There will be no charges to you in any part of this process.