Gansey yarn 2012

5-Ply Coopworth Gansey

With its long staple length, coopworth fleece is ideal for making  gansey yarn.  The many plies of this semi-worsted spun yarn create increased durability and stitch definition, making it perfect for socks, gloves, and ganseys.

The fleece for my coopworth yarn comes from Buckwheat Blossom Farm, a horse powered biodynamic farm in a town just a little south east of me, where in addition to running a fantastic winter CSA, they have a small flock of awesome sheep.

In my area of midcoast Maine, coopworth are popular with small organic farmers and folks who want a small spinning flock. They are sturdy, low fuss animals who do well on marginal pasture, tend towards twins and triplets and are good mothers. They also produce a long staple, lustrous wool that is a wonderfully easy to spin and frankly glowingly gorgeous.